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Welcome to GoodZend

Do you want to do the right thing and write thank you notes and remember occasions but struggle to do this? Us, too! We also like to help out causes when we can. That's why GoodZend was created, with supporting causes as a founding principle.

GoodZend is the easy, quick way for anyone – young and old, consumer and business – to send a card no matter what the occasion. For each card you send, GoodZend will donate half - yep, that's 50% - of the purchase price to the charity of your choice.

So next time you’re, say, waiting in line or twiddling your thumbs while on hold, you now have an easy to remember the many occasions in the lives of your friends and family with the added bonus of helping a worthy charity at the same time. No stamps, no running to the store to find a card, no sending it late, no hassles!

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