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Independent Transportation Network of America

ITNAmerican believes no one should ever be trapped at home. Its mission is to promote lifelong mobility for seniors by supporting sustainable, community-based transportation via a national transportation network grounded in research, policy analysis, and education. 

For older people, the ability to get places is curbed when the normal changes of aging impacts their safe driving. Seniors often can find themselves caught without transportation even when relying on family, friends, and neighbors, and the loss of freedom that comes with letting go of the keys can take a heavy toll. 

Your donation to this organization will help it to expand beyond the current 13 ITN affiliates in 12 states, a nationwide consortium of Trusted Transportation Partners, the Rides in Sight database, the largest and best listing of senior transportation service providers anywhere. It also will support the new ITNCountry program, which makes the ITN model accessible to every community in the country.

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